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“LiuGong in My Eyes” Global Photo Shooting Competition


People use LiuGong machines to do tough work every day.
Take incredible photos and videos of your tough LiuGong equipment, and let people see what`s possible with some of the world`s most popular machines.

Global Photo Shooting Competition

How to participant?
E-mail your photos to: Mr. Jason
Please using the subject “Photo Contest + Your Name+PhotoName+Phone Number” when you e-mail your work.

Or upload to
User login:
Password: liugong123456.


You can submit workreferringto any of the below topics:

1.         LiuGong Product Display: the works must present the beauty or the delicatemanufacturing technology of LiuGong machines;

2.         LiuGong Product Application Display: the workmust present the performance of LiuGong machines in tough working conditions;

3.         LiuGong Brand Promotion Display: The work relates to LiuGong brand promotions such as LiuGong at exhibitions, Products’ delivery& after-sales service etc.The work shows the integration of LiuGongand local culture or reflects LiuGong corevalues.


Works Requests:

1.       Each participant can submitonly 2 single pictures or 2 sets of photos (no more than 5 pieces each).

2.       Requirementsof the works:

a)         Photos: Each photo must be submitted in JPEG format.The resolution ratio should between 1,800~3,000 pixels and no less than 300 dpi. The size should be no more than 20 MB.

b)         Videos: Each video must be submittedin MOV, MP4 or AVI format and the resolution ratio should no less than 480 P. Videos should be less than 10 minutes in duration.

3.       Each work must be titled and attached with a brief description. Otherwise, it will be excluded the contest. We encourage participants to submit the technical data of your photos, such as: camera model, lens, aperture and shutter speed etc.

4.       Any works, regardless of filming tools and color, is welcomed. The work can only be moderately adjusted by brightness, contrast ratio and color saturation.Photomontage, exposure pictures and the ones made by computer technics are not acceptable.



The competitionsets up 4 levels ofprizes. While the photos will be competed according to topics and videos will be competed as a whole group.

Prizes Quantity Prize
1st Prize 1 RMB 2,500
2nd Prize 3 RMB 1,000
3rd Prize 5 RMB 500
Consolation Prize 10 LiuGong Souvenir

Each participant must submit his/her own original work and guarantee his/her legal copyrights to all of the work.Once all works are submitted, LiuGong Corporation and its affiliates have the rights to use the pictures and videos in promoting LiuGong in any way it sees fit for commercial purpose free of charge.
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