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906C Mini Excavator - Hayes Gate Plant Hire Ltd – United Kingdom

My name is Kulwinder Singh and in the seven years that I have worked in construction I have operated a varied selection of recognised brand construction machinery. I have worked for John Jones Civil Engineering & Groundworks Ltd for four years and currently operate the LiuGong 906C, which was originally contracted to the company with an operator from Hayes Gate Plant Hire Ltd (HGPH).

HGPH has 65 years of experience within the construction industry and currently hires out an established fleet of excavators with capacities ranging from three to 45-tonnes, with and without operators, to blue chip clients. In recent years HGPH has secured contracts with companies specialising in the upgrade and building of water and sewerage treatment plants for Southern Water and Trent Water among others.
At present, HGPH has one LiuGong 906C excavator with another 906C on order and is eagerly waiting for it to be delivered to its Sheppiston Lane, Middlesex headquarters –conveniently located adjacent to Heathrow airport, the M25 and M4 otorways to service the construction industry in and around London and the UK’s Home Counties.

HGPH’s original LiuGong 906C is on contract hire to John  ones Civil Engineering & Groundworks Ltd assisting in a major landscaping role as part of a £140m upgrade to Thames Water’s Mogden Sewage Treatment Works in West London.

“Sat on an area of approximately 120 acres, the Mogden site is one of the biggest sewage works in the country,” explains Mike Byrne, Plant Manager for HGPH. “It serves approximately 1.8 million people in and around London and is bordered by the famous Twickenham Rugby Stadium and public housing. So you can understand that landscaping is an important aspect of upgrading a sewage plant. This also requires special care to be taken by an excavator operator because a lot of landscaping takes place around huge concrete constructions that are a major part in the processing of raw sewage.

“We first heard about LiuGong machinery from Construction Plant & Machinery Sales who we’ve dealt with for many years. The trouble was we knew nothing about them in an operating role so we made enquiries and heard good things about them and that they are perceived as value for money. Something else that also came to our attention was the machine’s ruggedness and fairly easy servicing access – two important details when it comes to machines that are in constant use by different operators.

“The next step was to try a demonstrator unit from Construction Plant & Machinery Sales. In short the demonstrator proved good. It so happened we needed a six-ton machine, so we bought it." The company has been on site for about a year now and with less than one month to go everybody is busy landscaping and rebuilding huge earth banks that were moved to extend the sewage works. Until two months ago, I had no previous experience with LiuGong machines. So far I like it.

It’s a very strong engine with instant torque that helps it climb on the steep banks we work on. The swivel boom action is particularly useful in tight areas and because of its slim build it can be used safely in the narrow areas between the buildings and treatment tanks. The dozer blade is also very effective and it helps to have the strong (Yanmar) engine when the soil is wet.

The cab is standard internally and is comfortable for all day use – it is the same in many ways to a leading brand. All the controls are very smooth, soft and sensitive in action with no hesitation from the hydraulics. It can be a very dusty or muddy environment here but nothing gets in the cab unless boots are very muddy. The cab and exterior clean off okay.

Plant Manager, Mike Byrne, adds: “We’ve also ordered a second machine based on the results of the first one and the fact Construction Plant & Machinery Sales have in the past sorted problems very quickly; parts have always been available and it shouldn’t be any different with LiuGong. LiuGong products have even impressed the company enough to enquire about other categories of machinery." Download PDF file
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