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856III Wheel Loader - McGovern Haulage - United Kingdom


My name is Mihai Pop; I am 33 and have been working in construction for many years but not always in the UK. For the past five years I have been employed by McGovern Haulage and work at the company’s recycling plant where I operate a LiuGong 856III wheel loader. This is not my first experience with LiuGong machinery – I have operated them in mainland Europe.

We are all very busy here and the machines are always on the go and with good reason... According to National Statistics, in 2011 UK Local Authorities recycled, composted or reused 10.7 million tonnes of waste. Also, the 2011 Census figures show London alone had a population of 8.17 million and 3.27 million households, which means approximately 20 million tonnes of London household waste had to be collected and disposed of. This doesn’t include business waste, which dramatically increases waste disposal figures throughout the country. It’s now 2013 and London has grown considerably in the last two years.

Recycling is an important aspect of waste management and construction and both are fast growing industries. McGovern Haulage is one of the leading companies involved with recycling. By being located at Claremont Way Industrial Estate in London, just off the M1 and North Circular, McGovern’s recycling plant is busy and making a big impact. Part of the recycling process at McGovern’s yard involves moving vast quantities of recyclable waste (household, business and construction materials) in order to be sorted and processed, and the resulting byproducts to be moved and shipped out. Helping lighten the load at the McGovern plant is a LiuGong 856III wheel loader that works alongside another brand of machine with a similar specification. Both machines work, on average, six days a week.

Occasionally the air can have unpleasant odours and scavenging birds and flies make themselves known to ground workers. But in the cab, conditions are fine; it is a comfortable unit for working all day. Reliability with the LiuGong has been very good. There have been some modifications to the machine by McGovern and also by Construction Plant & Machinery Sales (LiuGong Southern Counties of England distributor) in order to comply with the latest safe working practice that McGovern adheres to.

On the rear of the machine there are two small panels that contain flashing blue LED lights that are clearly visible and get more noticeable when the machine lines up in eye view – they stand out strongly. On the top of the cab is the standard revolving orange warning light, but there is also a green flashing light that only activates when the operator’s seatbelt isn’t in place when the machine is working. The shovel-bucket has been modified with spill plates at the sides and at the top to prevent unnecessary mess when handling waste. L5-spec tyres replaced the standard tyres because they have deeper treads to reduce punctures from cuts and penetration from some of the bulkier, fragmented waste.

Tony McGovern of McGovern Haulage and associated companies knows only too well that construction machinery is used to the full and often in difficult conditions and that buying a machine has to be carefully researched. Although he had never heard of LiuGong before making the purchasing decision, he had confidence in Construction Plant & Machinery Sales as the UK distributor.

He said: “Although we haven’t had the machine for very long, I have no complaints with it and it’s doing the job it was employed for with no problems. The components are the same as other leading brands that we have experience of, so I don’t have any concerns about servicing, repairs or parts availability, which is important.

“As a company we’re always looking at ways to improve and better ourselves, so we’re keen to expand further in recycling. In order to support this, we’ll probably be buying another LiuGong wheel loader in the next six months.”

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