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925LC Excavator – Piel – the Netherlands


My name is Evert van der Veen and I have been working in construction for six years. For the last three years I have worked solely for Piel. The company is based in the North-East of the country in a large village called Tweede Exloërmond. Piel employs five people and has ten machines in total, working on a variety of different job sites. Our main business is recycling, dredging and ditch cleaning and maintenance.

At the moment, we have been subcontracted by a potato company in Meppel to help in the cleaning process, and that is what I am currently working on. The site consists of three large basins that are filled with waste product from cleaning the potatoes at a large potato factory. The waste is fed to the site via a pipeline and once it reaches a certain height and the water has been allowed to drain away, my job begins. I must remove the remaining dirty sand and set it aside to be re-used in building up sand banks.

It is a lonely job because the site is remote and there is only me working there with one excavator, for eight hours each day during the week. The site does not smell very pleasant and the job will take several months to complete, so it is very important to have a comfortable cab with clean air.

I am operating a 925LC excavator and it is the first LiuGong machine that I have ever used, as well as the first one that the company is using. I have only been using the machine for a couple of days but I immediately found it easy to operate. We had wider tracks fitted to the machine for increased stability because the ground on the site is very unstable and this has been an excellent modification.

"The cab is comfortable with filtered air and a good seat, which makes the machine enjoyable to use."

The cab is comfortable with filtered air and a good seat, which makes the machine enjoyable to use.

Hans van der Heijden Junior from Hansan Bouwmachines B.V. – the dealer who sold the machine to Piel – added: “Operators spend more time in their cab seat than they do in their car, bed or on their sofa. They spend a lot of time and money choosing those items, so the same care and consideration should be given to the comfort of their cab.

“If the operator is comfortable, they are less likely to need time off work with bad backs, shoulders or other related injuries, which makes them more efficient and productive and saves their employer money. So, the fact that LiuGong cabs are proving comfortable is a benefit for both operators and employers.”

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