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856III Wheel Loader - Van Dijk Infragroep - the Netherlands


My name is WillemJan van Werven and I am the Plant Manager for Van Dijk Infragroep. We are a medium-sized construction company working in civil engineering, which was founded in Genemuiden in 1961. We now have three offices in the Netherlands, employing 25 people as well as several subcontractors.

I am based at the Meppel Quay branch, which opened at Port Seth in the Meppelerdiep canal on industrial bank D in 2006. The site is 20,000m2 and is serviced by ships with a capacity of up to 2,000 tons. We are also located close to the A32 and A38, which provides access to good road networks, making us ideally placed for the storage and handling of various materials, such as sand, rubble, wood and gravel.

We use wheel loaders to unload materials from ships in the port, move the materials around the site and then load them into trucks for road transportation to their required destination.

The most important factors in my purchasing decision were price and flexibility and the partnership of LiuGong and Hansan offered both.

In recent years, the capacity of materials that the company is handling at this location has grown significantly and the small wheel loader that we had on site was at maximum capacity. We believed that we needed something bigger, but did not want to rush in to committing too quickly to purchasing a machine that may prove to be unsuitable.

At the time that I was considering purchasing a new wheel loader, a sales manager for Hansan called in to see us. I had worked with Hansan at a previous company and had experience of their excellent reputation and support. As a company, Van Dijk Infragroep likes to look into the future and try new things, so we were interested to hear about the Hansan partnership with LiuGong.

The most important factors in my purchasing decision were price and flexibility and the partnership of LiuGong and Hansan offered both. We were able to loan an 856III on a long-term hire to test its suitability before choosing to buy it, and the price of the machine was very good. The demo of the machine also gave us the opportunity to see what type of product LiuGong could provide.

Even though we know that Chinese brands will be future leaders in the construction industry, we were a little uncertain about what LiuGong could offer, so we did a lot of research online before committing to the purchase. We found that LiuGong is a major player globally and that most of the technical components are from western Europe so there is very little risk. If we do have a problem, there is a European parts warehouse in Almere in the Netherlands to source parts availability locally and the dealer provides good support; Hansan is a reliable and trusted partner.

Even though we decided that we should try the LiuGong machine, we were still keen to see how it performed. The operator, Erwin van der Sluis, has found it very easy to operate and we have found that the larger wheel loader makes it easier for the staff to do their jobs by speeding up processes and creating additional capacity. At the company’s current rate of growth the 856III is expected to be sufficient to meet capacity for at least three to five years, which makes the LiuGong investment a very good one.

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