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856II Wheel Loader - Eszak Terko Ltd – Hungary

My name is Janos Gyorki. I am the driver of a very special LiuGong wheel loader. As you can see, this machine does not have the usual LiuGong paint but instead has blue and striped paintwork. This is because my LiuGong 856II wheel loader is a Limited Edition 50th Anniversary machine – one of 50 manufactured and painted like this in 2008 to celebrate 50 years of LiuGong machine production. Not that the age and working hours makes a difference; my machine performs as good as new and proves how tough and durable the LiuGong machine is.

It is that good that I wouldn’t change anything on this machine. You can say I am an ‘old school’ driver, where I operate a machine by intuition, skill and feel, and can live with the comfort of what is given to me. This is something you develop with 61 years of life – 45 years of which have been spent in the construction industry. During these years I have operated many different machines from dozers to wheel loaders and from all major manufacturers. Not all of them have been operated in the mining industry – before this job I worked on a Government scheme that involved working a machine in water conditions.

When we agreed to buy we did so knowing the machine was perfect for what we needed
it for – the movement of 500 to 1,000 tonnes of produce a day
I have worked for Eszak Terko Ltd at the Kőbánya (stone) mine since the machine arrived. This open mine is at Nagylóc-Zsunypuszta – Zsunypuszta means a field named Zsuny, near the village Nagylóc – located in Cserhat, an area of the North Hungarian Mountains. The type of stone mined here is andesite. It is a hard wearing stone and it is used for different construction uses. We also have the means to produce quality paving slabs and kerb flags from the stone.

I have been the operator of this LiuGong wheel loader since the company purchased it three years ago – this was after we had it as a demonstrator machine and then rented. It is used day in, day out, eight-to-ten hours a day, five and sometimes six days a week. Even after this time, the machine is still standard. There really has been no need for changes.

Daily checks are done easily and because it is a special anniversary machine it came with the automatic greasing and lubrication systems, which save time. I believe these are now optional on the latest machines. Even though stone mines are tough on machinery we have not had any major problems. Age has not affected the controls; it starts every time, the controls are just as reactive; and the engine and lifting performance is still as strong as the day it arrived. Fuel economy is good and has got better with the working hours.

Peter Boda, is the owner of family run Eszak Terko Ltd and had this to say about the LiuGong 856II. “The operator has been with the machine since before we took official delivery and he hasn’t made any complaints. He likes it very much. In fact, we have no questions about the machine’s reliability. We chose to take the LiuGong after we initially rented the machine from Best Machinery – the relationship was already a strong one and we knew we would get a reliable service; it was just a matter of price. When we agreed to buy we did so knowing the machine was perfect for what we needed it for – the movement of 500 to 1,000 tonnes of produce a day.”
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