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375A Skid Steer Loader - Jaszdozsa Council – Hungary


Welcome to the town of Jaszdozsa, here in the Jasz region of Jász- Nagykun-Szolnok, a county in central Hungary. My name is Agocs Sandor, 59 years old and I am the operator of a LiuGong 375A Skid Steer Loader. This machine is not owned by a construction or hire company but by the Jaszdozsa town council and I am employed by the council to operate it.

The Skid Steer Loader is used to perform all kinds of duties and can also be hired out for non-council work. At the moment, it is being used to clear and restore a water drainage gulley all around the town. They are prone to getting blocked, collapsing or becoming overgrown in the summer period. They have to be kept clear because they are used as part of the local flood defences; the town is low lying and water from natural springs means rain water is difficult to soak away. The excess water is diverted towards the River Tarna, which is close by.

When a purchase order for LiuGong products is granted, we know the LiuGong machine’s
specification, abilities and price has met or
exceeded the requirements.

The Skid Steer Loader is very manoeuvrable and not overly heavy, which allows us to get into position very easily. As you can see, it is not standard. The bucket has been removed and replaced with a special attachment from Kovaco of Slovakia. It is an attachment that allows the machine to be used as a back hoe. The swivel, side-shift and reach are good for our purpose and it comes with hydraulic feet for additional stability.

I have many years construction industry experience using different brands of graders and wheel loaders, mostly Japanese. This is the first time I’ve used a Skid Steer Loader with back hoe attachment and it was very easy to adapt even though the controls are different. With the attachment in place it means the working view is very good.

The machine is used five days a week and only five-to-six hours a day and, as such, fuel consumption has proved to be acceptable.

'The supply method of this machine is typical for the out-lying areas of Hungary,” said Gergely Blaskó, Chief Marketing Officer for Best Machinery Kft., the authorised LiuGong sales and after-sales dealer in Hungary. “In order to obtain such a machine that is vital to communities would, ordinarily, be beyond the budgets of the local governing council. So what happens is the council pays a certain percentage toward the purchase price and the Hungarian government pays the balance. As always, a buyer will always look at specifications, reliability and value for money. So when a purchase order for LiuGong products is granted, we know the LiuGong machine’s specification, abilities and price has met or exceeded the requirements.”

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