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877III Wheel Loader - Versendko Mining Ltd – Hungary

Hello. My name is Csaba Balatinacz; I am 36 and have worked in the construction industry for eight years. Previous to this I was running a pub/bar! For the last five years I have worked for Versendko Mining Ltd. The company specialises in surface extraction of different types of natural stone to be used in building construction on land and in water, railway network operations, and also the supply of selected stone for use as paving slabs and decorative stone.

At present, we operate from four mines: two of which produce limestone for aggregate and building use; another mine’s rhyolite, a specific type of lava rock used in railway line construction; the fourth is andesite, an igneous rock that is perfect for tiles, monuments and decorative landscapes.

The decision to buy LiuGong was, of course, the competitive price. But it also came down to aftersales service. Dealing with Best Machinery Kft. means quality and personal service

The mine where I am presently based is located in Baranya County, Pécs, Hungary. It is one of the two limestone mines and very popular for business supply. When the mine was opened in 2008 it was to supply material for a major new motorway and outbound shipments could total 20,000 tonnes a day. However, because of a drop in the construction industry, demand is now much less than it was, but we still service 100-150 bulker trucks a day.

There are three company wheel loaders working here, one of which is a LiuGong 877III – this is my machine – and we have rental of another LiuGong 877 model. We have our own dedicated machines and we all look after them just like you would a car or motorcycle with regular cleaning of the outside and the inside of the cab. When you are working in the machine for 10-12 hours a day, six days a week, a clean working environment is very important.

I like the LiuGong 877III for many reasons. Firstly, it is very easy to operate and it has a powerful engine with an easy transmission. That power is very useful for driving into and lifting the rock. This is particularly useful when the rock is wet because it becomes much heavier for the same load space – only the other day the warning gauge showed 9.95 tonne of wet load had been lifted but the machine didn’t show any signs of a struggle. And yes, the machine is all standard specification.

Build quality all round is very good. Panels close and doors shut perfectly. Another area that is important for a machine operator is the easy way daily service checks are carried out. This is not a problem with the LiuGong and checks are completed very quickly.

Although we’ve no real problems with the machine, our country has problems with it… Hungarian people ask why we buy a Chinese machine? The answer would be obvious if they used one.

As a fan and owner of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Zoltau Csako, owner of Versendko Mining Ltd, appreciates quality and the need for a machine to work as it was intended. “The LiuGong machine has proved to be a typical earthmoving machine with no more and no less problems than its competitors.
“The decision to buy LiuGong was, of course, the competitive price. But it also came down to aftersales service. Dealing with Best Machinery Kft. means quality and personal service. Any machine that suffers downtime means it is losing the company money and this is not good for business. This is something Best Machinery is well aware of and is quick to respond with site visits. They even visit before a problem can occur – this is good business and something their competitors should understand.

“The LiuGong is absolutely perfect for the type of work it was bought for. As such, if the news of a possible new high-speed rail link through Hungary becomes reality then it is highly likely we would require one or two new larger LiuGong wheel loaders.”
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