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Engine LiuGong
Gross Power 36.8 kW (49.3 hp) @ 2,600 rpm
Net Power 35.2 kW (47.2 hp) @ 2,600 rpm
Breakout Force 20.8 kN
Rate Operation Capacity 680 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.4 m3
Operating Weight 2,750 kg
  • Operator Comfort and Safety
      Ergonomic operator chair and lay out controls for lasting comfort.  Standard adjustable seat, with optional world class KAB seat.  Simple dual hand pilot control system with finger control. Cigarette lighter acts as an electrical outlet. Hand accelerator available improving comfort and enabling safer operation. ROPS/FOPS cab .Standard Back-up alarm, Rotating beacon optional. 2 rearview mirrors on boom makes helps visibility and improves safety.
  • Always Reliable
       Double sealed 0-rings for extra reliability. Simple and reliable pin brakes. Parts, service and attachments you can count on. World class components used for key systems.Mono-block frame and boom have  good stability and high strength
  • Easy to Maintain
      Easy engine access with good maintenance space. Convenient placement of key maintenance points. The radiator can be rotated for easier cleaning, and easing many repairs. The cab can be easily tilted backwards making it  convenient to maintaint  hydraulic components.
  • Built for Efficiency
      Standard mechanical quick coupler makes machinery work with LiuGong’s wide range of quality attachments and matches with Bobcat, Case  and John Deere, etc. Self leveling valve prevents losing loads.
  • 4 in 1 Bucket

                              Bucket Capacity          Width

      4 in 1 Bucket:    0.45 m³                                 1,830 mm 

      Applications : Functions as a loader bucket, clamp, dozer, scraper and bottom dump bucket.  Great for spreading material such as gravel, mulch, dirt, etc.


  • Rock Bucket
                                  Capacity          Bucket Width
      Rock Bucket:  0.4 m³                1,880 mm          

      Applications: Digging, excavating, grading, material handling

  • Sweeper
      Width: 1,982 mm
      Sweeping Width: 1,828 mm
      Brush Diameter: 660 mm
      Number of Brushes: 37
      Cleaning Area/Hour: 15,000-18,000 m²/h

      Applications: Clearing yards, roads, footpaths, etc. Also efficient for snow clearance

  • Hydrualic Hammer

      Type: SB40
      Pressure Capacity:
      1018 J
      Times per min. :
      528-1740 cpm
      Rod Diameter:
      68 mm
      System Flow:
      40-70 L/min
      Working Pressure: 11-14 MPa
      298 kg

      Applications: Concrete demolition jobs, trenching and general
      excavation/demolition work.


  • Snow Blower

      Type: CX01
      Width: 1,829 mm
      Height: 635 mm
      Work Flow: 16-24 L/min
      Ventilator Diameter: 457 mm
      Weight: 350 kg

      removing snow from streets, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks, making them ideal for various winter cleanup and maintenance


      Remark: there is a control panel for chute and deflector on left side of the operator.


  • Fork
      Teeth Length: 1,115 mm
      Teeth Width: 1,340 mm
      Frame Height: 1,020
      Loading Capacity: 1,000 kg
      Weight: 304 kg

      Handling of pallet loads

  • Grapple Bucket
      Dimensions: 1880 x 879 x 681 mm
      Hydraulic Pressure:
      13.7-20.7 Mpa
      Hydraulic Flow:
      54-92 L/min
      1,677 mm
      Height when Closed:
      725 mm
      Height wehn Open: 1167 mm
      Clamp Range:
      350-650 mm
      Weight: 318 kg

      Application: "Mucking out" bale and silage handling. Also suitbale for industrial applications.
      * Dual independent grapples.

  • Dozer Blade
      Dimensions: 2,135 x 890 x 723 mm
      Hydraulic Flow: 54-92 L/min
      Hydraulic Pressure: 13.7-20.7 Mpa
      Blade Height: 712 mm
      Turning Angle: 30
      Weight: 390 kg

      designed for moving dirt, gravel, livestock waste and snow. Also ideal for finishing grade work in construction and landscaping applications.

  • General Purpose Bucket
      Bucket Capacity: 0.4 m3
      Bucket Width: 1630 mm

      Applications: Digging, excavating, grading, material handling.


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