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  • Features & Benefits
Engine Yanmar
Gross Power 43.7 kW (58 hp) @ 2,600 rpm
Net Power 40.4 kW (54 hp) @ 2,600 rpm
Breakout Force 20.8 kN
Rate Load 865 kg
Bucket Capacity 0.45 m3
Operating Weight 3,100 kg
  • Built for Efficiency
      The self-leveling valve maintains an even level and keeps the highly stable design more balanced, this leveling also prevents bucket spillage bucket making work more efficient.
      Larger capacity 105 L fuel tank for longer working hours.
      The 375B is the ultimate in utility with a easy to use quick coupler for working with LiuGong’s wide range of quality attachments, in addition to being compatible with attachments from other suppliers such as Bobcat, Case, John Deere, and more.
  • Easy to Maintain
      When the engine hood  open plenty of space for maintenance is available and parts are easy to access.
      A suction cooling system is usedfor powerful cooling.
      The hydraulic pipes and electrical circuits are laid out to be easy to maintain and provide adequate space for inspection and maintenance.
      The cab tilts back to over 80 degrees, giving ample space to replace the engine oil filter, hydraulic oil filter, and more.
      Convenient for daily checking and servicing of the hydraulic system.
      Centralized placement of resistance boxes and relay of electrical system makes it easy to inspect and maintain.
      Filler port and viewport of chain box are designed for convenient maintenance.
  • Always Reliable
      The drive hydraulic system is a closed hydraulic system with a REXROTH double piston pump and a POCLAIN motor.
      The compact closed hydraulic system reduces leaks , lowers hydraulic shocks , and is highly reliable.
      Standard hydraulic parking brake offers reliable and stable braking.
      A reliable TYC transmission chain.
      The working hydraulic system is a open system with a Permco gear pump and a WALVOIL triple pilot control valve.
      The hydraulic system in the 365B is fully equipped with 24 degree tapered seals with O-rings on hose connections to provide the best seals possible and give operators peace of mind.
      Mono-block frame has  good stability and high strength.
      Box frame for boom with high strength, low weight and extreme durability.
  • Operator Comfort and Safety
      Safety :
      ROPS/FOPS cab.
      2 inch Seat belt and safety handrail.
      Optional fire extinguisher.
      Safety sensors on front door.
      Adjustable seat with shock absorption.Optional high-grade seat.
      Easy-Pull, Easy-Secure side windows.
      Optional radio with MP3.
      Ergonomic low-effort pilot joysticks reduce operator’s fatigue. The switches on the joysticks control the auxiliary hydraulic kit for  finger control.
      Optional heater and air conditioner for operator comfort.
      Centralized monitoring instruments (left) and working buttons (right).
      Hand accelerator on the right side offers fixed power output, which reduces the  operator’s fatigue.
      Standard boom bumper prevents the  boom from falling.
      Standard back-up alarm.
      Optional rotary beacon.
      Standard cigarette lighter/electrical outlet
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