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Drum Volume m3 8
Parameters Net weight kg 13700
Loading weight kg 19200
Gross weight kg 32900
Upper structure weight kg 4000
Total Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 9000×2496×3850
Upper structure Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 6850×2500 ×3380
Drum Dimensions(L×D) mm 4937×2300
Charge Height mm 3750
Concrete slump mm 50-230
Front/Rear overhang length mm 1500/2325
Drum Drum Volume m3 14.6
Agitating Volume m3 8
Drum Loading Capacity m3 9.5
Drum rotating speed r/min 14/14
Material Charge/Discharge Speed m3/min 3/2.7
Drum Tilt Angle (°) 12.5
Hydraulic system Closed Loop / Closed loop
Main Hydraulic Pump Model / T90P075
/ A4VTG71
Main Pump Displacement ml/r 75
Main Pump Pressure MPa 42
Main Pump Rotation / Right
Main Hydraulic Motor Model / S90M075
Main Motor Displacement ml/r 75
Main Motor Pressure MPa 42
Gearbox Model / PMB 6.0sp
ZF P3301
Gearbox Torque Nm 60000
Hydraulic Tank Capacity L 20
Water system Water Tank Capacity L 450
Water Supply Type / Air pressure
Chassis Vehicle Model / ZZ1257N3847D1
Emission   China Ⅳ
Drive type / 6×4
Wheelbase mm 3625+1350
Number of tyre / 10
Wheel type   12.00R20
Front / rear track mm 2022/1830/1830
Engine Model / D10.34-40
Rated Power kW 249
Power takeof output rotation / Right
Power takeoff output torque Nm 750
  • Operator Safety and Comfort
      Support stronger design with finite analysis and provides great stability. Airline regulator prevents brake pressure form decreasing and keeps air system safe.
      Large mixing drum with large feeding space and mixing space.
  • Always Reliable
      The water is conveniently and safely supplied via air-pressure.
      Hydraulic components from world class suppliers.
  • Built for Efficiency
      The mixing drum and blade use high-strength material, featuring high wear resistance and longer service life.
      Mixing drum is extra low weight saving fuel. Twin variable screw-pitch mixing blade with CAD surface increases capacity and improves discharging speed.
      Convenient placement of key maintenance points.
      The spiral line of the blades in the mixing drum is designed by the computer, and the feed speed reaches international advanced levels.
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