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Item Unit HBT451074D
Max.concrete output m3/h 45/26
Max. size aggregate mm 40
Max. concrete pressure(L/H) MPa 6月10日
Diesel engine power output KW/Hp 74
RPM r/min 2200
supply voltage V/HZ
Hydraulic system pressure MPa 28
Hydraulic loop   open
Concrete cylinder bore & stroke mm Φ180×1000
Concrete valve type / S-Valve
High/Low pressure / manual
Hydraulic tank capacity L 350
Hopper charging height mm ≤1180
Hopper capacity m3 0.4
Weight Kg 3625
Concrete slump mm 120~230
Max. vertical reach m 120
Max. horizontal reach m 300
Outline dimension(L*W*H) mm 5030×1945×2345
Emission / stage Ⅱ
  • Features & Benefits
      - Pump cover is integrated streamline design.
      - No waste concrete of E serials pumping system design, hopper concrete suction increased.
      - Main returning oil cools smoothly, hydraulic system temperature rise decreases 5℃.
      - Integral fuel oil tank 、 hydraulic oil tank and electrical box enlarges repair space, more convenience for wearing parts replace.
      - New connecting rod type, more convenient for parts replace
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