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Pumping system specifications
Max.concrete output m3/h 170
Max. size aggregate mm 40
Max. concrete pressure(L/H) MPa 8.5
Diesel engine power output kW/hp
RPM r/min
Hydraulic system pressure MPa 32
Loop   closed
Main hydraulic pump model / A4VG
Main hydraulic pump displacement ml/r 180+125
Concrete cylinder bore & stroke mm Φ260×1900
Main hydraulic cylinder stroke mm 1900
Concrete valve type / S-Valve
High/Low pressure /
Hydraulic tank capacity L 600
Hopper charging height mm ≤1500
Hopper capacity m3 0.7
Water tank capacity L 400
Concrete slump mm 120-230
Concrete pipeline bore mm Φ125
Boom system specifications
Max. vertical reach m 37.75
Max. horizontal reach m 33.75
Max. pumping depth m 25.4
Boom control modes / Manual、wire and wireless remote control are all available
Boom unfolding type / 5RZ typle
Boom unfolding height mm 8900
Boom unfolding angle (°) 90/180/180/240/220
Section lenght mm 8130/6800/6350/6345/6215
Slewing range (°) ±360
Outrigger longitudinal span mm 7237
Front outriggers transverse span mm 6071
Rear outriggers transverse span mm 8151
End hose length m 3
Chassis system specifications
Chassis model / ZZ5347V484MD1
Driving type / 6*4
Wheelbase mm 4800+1400
Chassis engine power kW/hp 297/403
Emission stage   China Ⅳ
Running speed km/h ≤85
Min.turnning radius m 10.8
Approach & Departure angle (°) 16/10
Tyre type / 315/80R22.5
Total truck weight kg 29430
Outline dimension(L*W*H) mm 11190*2500*3995
      Automatic piston retraction makes maintenance easy, convenient placement of key maintenance points.
      GPS monitoring allows data and position monitoring from remote locations.
      V-shaped waterproof hydraulic seals prevent the hydraulic oil from being emulsified.
      Big bore concrete cylinder and streamlined hopper maximize concrete feeding efficiency.
      Computer-controlled power matching technology, optimizes match of power and operating conditions leading to a 10% .decline in fuel consumption.
      Block grease distributor ensures lubricating points get proper amount of grease.
      SINOTRUCK T7 chassis. MAN engine .
      5 sections RZ type fold design. Wide range reach. More flexible.
      X type outriggers, have single side support and all sides support. Well adapted in working site.
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