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Engine Cummins
Net  Power 392 kW (525 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
Tank Capacity 40 m3
Net Machine Weight 25,000 kg
Max. GMW 65,000 kg
Driving Style 4*2
Max. Speed 56 km/h
Max. Grad Ability 35%
Tire Type 21.00-33
Reach of Water Jet 40 m
Spray Width 16 m

  • Excellent After-Sales Service
      Where ever mining trucks are used you will find our top-notch after sales service employees. Response time to service calls is quick. We are proud to provide the best service in the Chinese mining truck industry.
  • Parts
      Most major components are from world-class international suppliers, quality is guaranteed. Parts sales and support is quick and convenient.
  • Spacious, comfortable cabin space
      Double layered steel structured cab is dustproof, sound insulated, heat insulated, equipped with air-conditioning and heating, and uses a mechanical vibration dampening suspension seat giving the operator a comfortable working environment in all conditions.
  • Good Reliability
      1. The SGA5650 is LiuGong’s professionally designing mining water-sprinkling truck for use in mines as dust control and water-sprinkling. This machine has a history of reliability earned from its customers and features strong reliable control systems. The features and ability of our water sprinkling are the most advanced in the domestic market and our technology is advanced enough to be used in fire fighting equipment. The sprinkling system can also use a suction function to add water to the machine from a variety of sources. The power sprinkling and non-power sprinkling systems are independent.
      2. High strength, safety frame with excellent torsion resistance is able to adapt to all kinds of harsh working conditions.
      3.  Water tank equipped with internal impact control boards to improve control smoothness. Engine exhaust is piped out past the water tank, this heats the water to prevent freezing in cold weather
      4. Use of world-class hydraulic components from EATON ensures the service life of the hydraulic components
      5. Full hydraulic steering with emergency steering system to ensures control in sudden emergency situation.
      6. The suspension system provides a comfortable ride and supported by oil/gas hydraulic cylinders.
      7. Hydraulic mechanical transmission has 5 forward gears, 2 reverse gears, and wet multi-gear interior clutch for gear shifting. Having no outer clutch allows for effortless gear changing with the gear shift column, reducing operator fatigue. The hydraulic torque convertor has an automatic lock function for work on slopes and operating at high speeds.
      8. The optional automatic lubrication system can apply lubrication to key parts of the machine at fixed intervals as set by the user. This saves time for the operator and greatly reduces the possibility for machine failures and damage. This option is incredibly valuable for extending the life of your machine.
  • Strong powerful Cummins engine with good fuel economy
      1、Equipped with a KTA19-C525 Chongqing Cummins engine,from the Cummins K series engines, which offer stable performance. This engine was specially designed for mining vehicles making it the ideal selection。
      2、Can also be equipped with original a U.S imported Cummins EFI QSX- engine. This engine provides good performance, low fuel consumption and advance emission controls (Tier 3). This engine also features an automatic engine protection function and on-board diagnostic system. The COM interface port allows the operator to monitor system data in real-time, run system data, and diagnosis and solve fault issues.
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