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  • Specifications
  • Features & Benefits
Overall Length 12,600 mm
Overall Width 2,490 mm
Overall Height 3,350 mm
Deadweight During Travel 30, 145 kg
Front Axle Load 7,365 kg
Rear Axle Load 22,780 kg
Engine Model WP7.270E30
Engine Power 199 kW (267 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
Engine Torque 1,000 N.m @ 1,200-1,600 rpm
Max. Travel Speed 75 km/h
Min. Turning Radius 22 m
Approach Angle 19
Departure Angle 13
Max. Gradeability 37 %
Lifting Performance  
Max. Lifting Load 25 t
Min. Working Radius 3 m
Max. Torque of Basic Boom 1002 N.m
Height of Basic Boom 10.7 m
Height of Extended Boom 34 m
Height of Extended Boom + Jib 42.8 m
Outrigger Longitudinal Span 5,250 mm
Outrigger Lateral Span 6,000 mm
Working Speed  
Boom Elevating Time 90/62 s
BoomTelescoping Time   53/70 s
Boom Swing Speed 2.5 rpm
Main winch max. speed(single line) 130 m/min
Auxiliary winch max.speed(single line) 130 m/min
  • Comfort and Safety
      Mechanical suspension seat can move forward and back, up and down and has adjustable armrests and headrest.
      Spacious interior control room with visibily without blindspots.
      A/C, sliding door, easy to operate.
       Room for 3 [eople in our spaciously well light cab. Wide range of visibility.
      The seat and flip over into a bed when the operator needs to rest.
      Easy to use, simple dashboard controls.
      Lamps attached at ground level and on legs for nightwork.
  • Always Reliable
       Solid stable frame with highcarrying capacity. Full cover type undercarriage, aluminium edgeing;
      High quality hydraulic components improve mobiliy, ensure safety, reliability, efficiency and energy useage.
      Hoist boom structure designed using ProE, ANSYS and other advanced software design and analysis tools, in addition to  reliability  and safety testing.
  • Built for Efficiency
      Weichai 6-cylinder watercooled engine, maximum power 199 kW, maximum torque 1000/1200 ~ 1600 Nm/RPM;
      Meets Tier Ⅲ emissions standards, equipped with a fuel-efficient power switch, hoisting, road and off-road working modes. This is a EFI engine ith automatic idle speed, working mode for double power, good power performance and excellent fuel econmy.
      The ShanChi 8 js118t transmission offer good climbing performance and works well for field driving at low speed and  high speed for the road;
      Load sensative valves for more efficiency and energy savings.
      12 sides section with strong  lifting ability and a max lifting torque of 1002 kn. M;
      Industry Leading long boom with a main arm of 34 m and a  secondary arm up to 42.8 m, for a max  height of 42.7 m.
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