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LiuGong Held the 3rd Global Customer Day


Liuzhou, China – May 28 to 30 – LiuGong held the 3rd Global Customer Day at its headquarters. This is the first offline customer event held by LiuGong at its headquarters four years later, which was attended by over 800 LiuGong customers and dealer representatives from 100 different countries and regions, as well as employees from LiuGong’s overseas subsidiaries.

25 product lines, over 150 units of equipment ranging from 1 ton to 125 tons, including LiuGong’s largest loader 8250H, largest excavator 9125F, and to learn about LiuGong’s renewable energy breakthroughs, intelligent and innovative technologies, and comprehensive solutions for industries including agriculture, forestry, mining, infrastructure, road construction, municipal management, open-pit mining, and heavy industry, etc. The value of equipment purchases made during the event is expected to reach CNY 3 billion. LiuGong delivered the world’s first 5G autonomous wheel loader and 25 electric loaders to the customers during the event.

During this event, LiuGong unveiled its new brand and value, and announced its new vision of becoming the world’s leading equipment and technology solutions provider.

New Green Products, Extending Human Power

Founded 65 years ago, LiuGong has embarked on its globalization for more than 20 years. It now operates over 30 overseas subsidiaries & offices, as well as 5 R&D bases, and has over 30 product lines, all working energetically to further LiuGong’s globalization, intelligence and full solution strategy. This global customer day also included the grand launch of at least 10 new electric products.

These new models include the 870HE electric wheel loader, which uses dual-motor, and the electric gearbox independently developed by LiuGong. The 870HE is both powerful and energy efficient. The DW105A-E electric mining truck features one-key lifting and dual-pump convergence, with a lifting efficiency 10% higher than the industry average, completing the lift in just 20 seconds. The 922F-E electric excavator adopts fully electric-controlled hydraulic system, power battery and a large displacement main pump, and is built from industry-leading core components. The 922F-E’s predecessor—the 922F-EV—was the world’s first 20-ton all-electric excavator and has been widely applied in major projects, including the Qinghai Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel and the Lhasa-Linzhi railway.

Driving the Future by Intelligent Innovation

At the event, LiuGong displayed its solutions for various industries, including eco-friendly equipment, 5G remote-controlled wheel loaders, autonomous shovel loaders, smart excavators, and unmanned road equipment.

The customers also witnessed LiuGong’s Smart Mining System. Its features include 3D topographical scanning, production planning and scheduling, equipment matching and inspection, work status tracking, machinery repair record keeping, safety alerts and automatic records, real-time production updates, and driver fatigue alerts. The app puts precise safety monitoring and management at users’ fingertips, empowers them to efficiently combine equipment, and will serve as a vivid demonstration of LiuGong’s smart mining solutions.

Greater Collaboration, Global Ecosystem

On the afternoon of the 29th, LiuGong also held the unveiling ceremony of LiuGong-LVTC-PIM Internship and Talent Cultivation Base. Over the years, LiuGong has always strengthened the cooperation between schools and enterprises, deepened the integration of industry and education, and is committed to cultivating excellent operators, service engineers and management talents for customers. The cooperation between the three parties will help LiuGong overseas business development and service upgrade. In addition, LiuGong has also signed strategic cooperation with 3 major international logistics giants, which will further ensure efficient and timely delivery of equipment to customers around the world.

The customers from all over the world also took a tour of LiuGong’s excavator factory, tried out 5G remote-controlled equipment, visited R&D labs, tested drive some of LiuGong’s newest and best-selling equipment. They also participated in a mining forum where they communicated with their industry peers, and saw for themselves the company’s innovative technology as well as its corporate culture. Customers from Europe placed orders right after the test drive of 922F-E electric excavator.

In recent years LiuGong has made one technical breakthrough after another in fields including electric motors, smart connectivity for heavy industry, 5G remote control, and unmanned vehicles. At the same time, it has continued to launch a series of eco-friendly, electric-powered wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts, rollers, motor graders, mining trucks, and aerial work platforms. The sales and market share of LiuGong electric wheel loaders ranks first in the world.

“LiuGong is the only company that can provide a complete set of electric equipment solutions for construction and mining applications now. LiuGong’s electric equipment has been successfully applied in China, ASEAN, Europe, North America, and India. We’re committed to becoming the industry leader and a global innovator in electrification technology. By working with our global dealers, we will create higher value for the customers!” said Zeng Guang’an, Chairman & CEO of LiuGong.