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LiuGong Attended the 14th IIICF


Macao, China – May 31 to June 2– The 14th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (hereinafter referred to as IIICF) was held. Zeng Guang’an, Chairman and CEO of LiuGong, along with Senior Vice President Luo Guobing, Vice President Li Muhan, and Zhu Binqiang, attended the forum. LiuGong showcased its smart mining solutions and 9017FE electric excavator at the forum.

On June 1, Zeng Guang’an participated in the thematic forum on ” Technological Innovation, Digital & Smart Transformation Promotes Green Development of International Infrastructure ” , and shared LiuGong’s recent achievements in globalization. He also discussed the future path of green development with the audience present at the event. “LiuGong is committed to implementing a comprehensive globalization strategy with customer needs at the center. We are fully dedicated to promoting the rapid application of ‘electrification, digitalization, interconnection, autonomous operation, and sharing’ in machinery and equipment, accelerating the digitization of the entire value chain to achieve intelligence in product, manufacturing, service, operation, and customer maintenance,” said Zeng Guang’an. 

Intelligentization of Construction and Service

LiuGong has created a construction model called “Smart Construction Site” that facilitates data sharing. This model addresses issues commonly faced in traditional construction site management, such as difficulties in supervision and regulation, slow and limited information acquisition, environmental pollution, frequent accidents, and low work efficiency. LiuGong has also developed an integrated cloud platform solution for engineering machinery called the “Cloud Web”, which enables intelligent coordination of multiple device clusters, operation monitoring, and fault prediction.

Furthermore, LiuGong has established an intelligent after-sales service support system. When customers encounter equipment failures, they can use their mobile phones for one-click repair and remote intelligent troubleshooting. An expert team will respond within 2 minutes. By utilizing remote diagnosis and repairs, LiuGong aims to resolve routine equipment failures within 2 hours and major failures within 12 hours, reducing equipment downtime by more than 50%.

Intelligentization of Solutions

On May 31, Zhu Binqiang presented the development history, features, and applications of LiuGong’s electrification and intelligent products during a corporate roadshow. In addition to the 120-ton fully electric-controlled hydraulic excavator 9125F, LiuGong has also introduced the industry’s first pure electric rigid dump truck and a series of electric mining trucks, forming a complete set of construction solutions for electric equipment, including loaders, excavators, and mining trucks. Currently, LiuGong leads global sales of various types of electric equipment and has successfully expanded its applications in ASEAN, Europe, North America, and India.

This year marks LiuGong’s 14th participation in the IIICF. The theme of this forum is “Green Leading, Digital Driving, Financial Empowering, and Win-Win Cooperation.” LiuGong actively explores digital transformation and provides customers with complete intelligent solutions. The company also proposes its corporate mission of “extending human capabilities with intelligent and green machinery,” aiming to achieve customer objectives while reducing environmental burdens. LiuGong aspires to become a global leader in equipment and technology solution providers.