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LiuGong 8128H Rocks in the Iron Mine in Mongolia


LiuGong 8128H Rocks in the Iron Mine in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

In an iron mine 300 kilometers away from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, we once again experienced the toughness of LiuGong machines.

In October, with the snow covering the mountains, the temperature drops to  – 5 ℃ in Mongolia. However, LiuGong’s 8128H still works closely with a 888 in the pit, busy shoveling iron ore. According to the pit manager, they chose LiuGong wheel loaders from the very beginning of their business and now they own nearly 30 LiuGong machines, including loaders, excavators, rollers, graders, cranes among which there are more than 10 large-tonnage machines like the 8128H and the 888. In the past decades, LiuGong has won customers’ trust with both qualified productsand dedciated services.

“LiuGong’s 888 used to be the main working force here and has been performing well. Then we purchased 8128H. These modern machines are powerful and have greater visibility. We are comfortable to operate them in long working hours and the fuel consumption is acceptable for such a giant. Besides, the air conditioning system is effective. The warm air protects us from the extreme coldness here in the winter.”The operator, who has 10 years’ experience operating LiuGong’s wheel loaders, gave a high evaluation of our machines.

The winter in Mongolia is extremely cold where the temperature often falls below – 35 ℃. But the 8128H is equipped with low temperature device which can easily cope with – 40 ℃. And the engine can intelligently adjust the fuel injection quantity according to the load; saving energy and bringing efficiency at the same time. Together with its three-pump load sensitive hydraulic system, the machine can maximize the performance and ensure high quality and productivity of mining work. 

“At first, we bought LiuGong because of its sound reputation. But after we found that the 888 can satisfy all our needs, we chose LiuGong’s 8128H with no hesitation. The first 8128H has been working for nearly 10,000 hours and has been in good working condition. In the past 10 years, both LiuGong and its dealer has given us great support. In order to ensure the availability of the equipment, they have done a lot of support work, and we have maintained a good relationship over the years.” said the fleet manager of the mine.

Niseech International Co., Ltd. is LiuGong’s exclusive distributor in Mongolia since 2006. “I was only 25 when I came to this country and there were few Chinese brands in the construction machinery market in Mongolia. Then I got to know LiuGong because of Cummins and I became its dealer.”  Wuningbatu, General Manager of Niseech Internationa, told us.

A good relationship depends on reliable product and quality, as well as professional after-sales service. Over the years, LiuGong has always worked closely with dealers to satisfy customers’ needs and constantly improve our service capability and parts accessibility. And today, LiuGong holds the first rank in the market share of loaders in Mongolia. “We have sold more than 100 units of LiuGong equipment this year, especially the large-scale mining equipment. They represent a high manufacturing capability and we are pleased that they have been recognized by customers.” Wuningbatu added and he told us the story, “LiuGong is not depending on luck to win this customer. Being used to international brands, our customer made the purchasing decisions very carefully, especially for the highly priced large-scale mining equipment. But after seeing the manufacturing themselves and knowing the whole set of customized solution for them, they finally put the order. We are proud that they still think this is one of their best choices. With the help of LiuGong, their business is also developing, and the third iron mine is under construction. ”  

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Rated operating load:52000 kg

Rated power:419 kW

Rated operating load:12000 kg

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