LiuGong Rental is committed to establishing the preferred construction equipment rental by providing tough equipment with innovative solutions and excellent operational support to our customers.

LiuGong Rental allows you to eliminate the troubles of the “4 High” and raise profits effectively.


There is no concern about the depreciation and amortisation of the company’s asset-light operation.                

Eliminate the trouble of disposal of used equipment.                

NO HIGH CAPITAL INVESTMENT                    

Only the rental deposit and rental payments are required to obtain sustainable and yet tough equipment. In addition, equipment rental is much lower than investment in the purchase of brand-new equipment and has a significant impact on the cash flow of companies.                

No necessary retention of spare parts                                

Flexible reaction to construction phase and duration to prevent excessive or premature investment in the project.                                

NO HIGH RISK                    

No risk of inapplicability of purchased equipment due to changes in project requirement or any unforeseeable economic downturn.                

No risk of unproductive equipment and occurs depreciation costs.                                

No risk of loss of equipment.                                

NO HIGH COST                    

The costs of utilization and maintenance are constant and controllable to accomplish a clear bugget.

Worry-free throughout the entire rental period about the maintenance and repair costs. It reduces operational costs significantly.                                

To maximize profits in the value chain with latest products and latest technologies.                                

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